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  1. On 10/17/2018 at 10:00 PM, Babs said:

    Wow Joseph, been missing your posts but I can see you have been focussed  out there.


    Still in electric kiln? Wondrous stuff.

    Sorry! I missed this. Yes, I still work with an electric kiln. I love my electric kiln. It is so wonderful! Took me a while to accept that, but once I did I was able to achieve a lot more than just wishing I had the ability to fire another type of firing. How are you?

  2. 6 hours ago, 1515art said:

    Joseph, very nice, l think you should be pleased and I like it a lot.

    I'm definitely pleased. It's a beautiful pot and everything I want. Lots of surface texture color varation and more! Thanks for kind words.

  3. I like the moss. I have been thinking about growing it as well. I want to use it in my seed start mix with worm castings and compost too. I figure if I get it right I can create a seed mix that never needs to be fertilized from seed till in the ground. Of course, it is also beautiful to put over the roots of a bonsai.

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