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  1. Just read your comments about thickness. Those iron black bases need to be super thick to get the above oilspot effect. I tried it with Pierre's Tenmoku and its absurd how thick that glaze has to be to look good. Otherwise. BROWN. 


    Glad to see you got it going on. Looks great.

  2. I am sure they will sell, no one is buying the mug for the top color. They are just picking ones that match what they like I assume. The mug is getting bought for the beautiful carving I imagine? I think a cream wouldn't work. It will be too earthy, the bright colors really make the whole thing pop.  I think just abandon the white all together the bright colors make you happy, and happy people buy pots?!? lol.. But if they are selling over the others, keep the white! haha. I think that purple you have on the inside of some of your cups would look brilliant, but maybe you already tried it and didn't like it? 

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