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  1. I bought a barely used Shimpo, and use Brent wheels at the community center. I haven't noticed any difference, really, except that my Shimpo has the control lever attached to the foot pedal, which is nice. And the splash pan comes off of the Brent easier. Totally silly differences for me to notice
  2. I like your impression-to-stamp idea! Also, those butter dishes are called French butter bells I think there are videos on how to throw them on YouTube. Also, for farmer's markets, certainly don't discount the presentation. Making a few purchases beforehand of a pint of berries, a bouquet of flowers, and a loaf of bread (or gathering your own, if you have them) can help move berry bowls, vases, bread baskets, etc. Any food-prep pottery could move at a farmer's market if you time and display it right.
  3. That could work, then. I run counter-clockwise and my left hand has to hold the firmer positions when centering and pulling. Since he's having problems with the left, a switch could help.
  4. When are you noticing the pain? When centering? Opening or pulling? Wedging? I've got a plate in one hand from a broken metacarpal, plus wrist issues due to fibromyalgia, so I've been learning my limits and working with them, and saving up for some helpful tools like a Strong Arm centering tool. Right now I only throw about 1.5lb pieces, as anything larger is rough on my hands (they are small, in addition to weak ) Another option could be to run your wheel clockwise and train your other hand to do the grunt work.
  5. Watch some of the other "True Facts" videos. The octopus one is pretty great. Also the Sea Pig.
  6. I've just been making mugs at the community studio - got 6 thrown last night and got handles on them tonight. Not a lot, but it's something
  7. I use a carved wooden stamp - not small. It's about an inch in diameter. Not my name; it is a Celtic raven glyph.
  8. I think Hsin Chuen Lin has a video that addresses avoiding S-cracks in pieces thrown off the hump.
  9. "Wonky pottery feels more creative anyway!" I would not ever encourage this attitude in a classroom, especially for wheel-throwing. It shows a need for more practice and skill development, not creativity. I think we do creative people a load of disservice in labeling lazy accidents as "creative" when in reality, they are just poorly executed pieces. I see the same attitude in sewing, and it drives me batty. No, being too lazy to change the color of thread in your machine does NOT come across as intentional "decorative contrast stitching" - it makes you look lazy and amateur, and I end up offended that you look to me for praise and validation of your "creativity" that is actually just half-assedness. /rant
  10. I have a wheel. No kiln (yet). Have no problem getting my pieces fired. I'm sure he has his reasons. Throwing takes considerable amounts of practice - something that cannot always be done on a convenient schedule when using a shared space or someone else's wheel. Firing isn't a part of the learning-to-throw process, and a kiln need not be a part of someone's practice routine. A wheel is pretty darn essential for that, though.
  11. Oooh, good trick! Just, like, food coloring or something?
  12. A friend of mine works as a production potter at a local pottery studio, and also teaches children's classes at the Arts Center where I get all my stuff glazed and fired. I was having trouble with stuck lids because I didn't leave enough unglazed on the gallery....and he told me that they don't fire lidded vessels together, and they don't leave parts of the pot or lid unglazed, either. Galleries are fully glazed, as are lid flanges, and they're fired on stilts if necessary. Anyway, I thought that was interesting because all the books I've seen say to fire the pieces together.
  13. That's what I thought. Otherwise you'd always be fighting with the tendency to gouge into the clay with your fingertips because the clay would be turning toward them, not away from them.
  14. Wouldn't you have to have left hand inside, right hand outside, at 3:00 regardless of handedness? To keep from jamming fingertips into the clay? If you wanted to switch to 9:00 and have the right hand inside, the wheel would need to go clockwise, right? Hands at about 6:00 would work either way, though, wouldn't it?
  15. I always thought you were supposed to center fast - just shy of top speed. I may have to give slower centering a try!
  16. I just hate how writing my name looks. It bothers me a LOT. Plus I seem to have a natural aversion to signing work in the first place. The stamp solves that problem.
  17. I'm still a beginner, but yes, definitely. Some days I can't get anything to come out even halfway decent, and other days I'm totally on my game and everything is effortless and pretty. Too bad it's not a predictable cycle, eh?
  18. I'd have him watch some instructional videos in the meantime, then. Simon Leach or Tim See or youdanxxx or something. He may come away with something he'd like to try, and will at least have a basic understanding of what he's shooting for.
  19. I have heard that very thing from a lot of people. "Don't put a date on your pots; people won't buy your older work if they know it's older." I may start dating gifts, though.
  20. Cylinders. Just about any cylinder can be a usable cup, and a good glaze-test piece. Bowls not so much. Besides, a flubbed cylinder can sometimes be turned into a bowl, but it doesn't work so well the other way around.
  21. I just wear my normal clothes and deal with getting splattered. My bib overalls keep my shirt the cleanest, though!
  22. If I were working with greenware, I would be attempting to keep the glaze away from the foot at all costs. Probably dipping the piece and stopping short of the foot. Let me see if I can find you a video...
  23. I carved a wooden stamp of a Celtic raven and use that most of the time. (Studio name is Bran Ti, which is Brythonic - precursor to Cornish and Welsh - for Raven House.) Sometimes there is no place to use it, so I sign my name with a dull pencil or iron oxide / rutile wash depending on the stage the piece is at. I'm a forgetful person http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/image/4092-bran-ti-raven/
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