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  2. From the album: Jewels

    Blue and white porcelain pieces as a necklace with matching ring
  3. Jroe

    Leaf bowl

    From the album: Decals

    My leaf decals fired onto raw clay and mid fired to 1200.
  4. Jroe


    Using my own decal prints
  5. Jroe

    Maleny dairy

    From the album: Decals

    These pictures have been collated,printed and fired onto tikes to make this 9 tile wall plaque.
  6. From the album: Decals

    Decal onto raw clay mid fire
  7. Jroe


    From the album: Some decals

  8. Jroe


    From the album: Some decals

  9. From the album: Some decals

    My fish drawing around the water... Underglazes, decal fish and cone 6 pot.
  10. Jroe

    White iris

    From the album: Some decals

    White iris and gold commercial decal fired. To 810 on my cone 6 pot.
  11. Jroe


    Great work...love the detail and the glaze.
  12. How interesting...they look great.
  13. This is a Harry Memmott cone 6 clear glaze..good with underglazes and lustres and best of all...three ingredients! Kaolin 15 Silica 35 Gerstley Borate 50 Let me know if you like it.
  14. Jroe


    Thanks Dinah, could not possibly repeat it!
  15. Jroe


    I was really pleased with this result.
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