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  1. Jroe


  2. From the album: Jewels

    Blue and white porcelain pieces as a necklace with matching ring
  3. Jroe


    Using my own decal prints
  4. Jroe

    Leaf bowl

    From the album: Decals

    My leaf decals fired onto raw clay and mid fired to 1200.
  5. Jroe

    Maleny dairy

    From the album: Decals

    These pictures have been collated,printed and fired onto tikes to make this 9 tile wall plaque.
  6. From the album: Decals

    Decal onto raw clay mid fire
  7. Jroe


    From the album: Some decals

  8. Jroe


    From the album: Some decals

  9. From the album: Some decals

    My fish drawing around the water... Underglazes, decal fish and cone 6 pot.
  10. Jroe

    White iris

    From the album: Some decals

    White iris and gold commercial decal fired. To 810 on my cone 6 pot.
  11. Jroe

    Beach party

    From the album: Recent work

  12. Jroe


    Great work...love the detail and the glaze.
  13. How interesting...they look great.
  14. Jroe


    Thanks Dinah, could not possibly repeat it!
  15. Jroe


    I was really pleased with this result.
  16. Jroe

    Jan's Pots

    Lustre and stoneware
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