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  1. Hello, I found some raw clay in a field near my studio, but I don’t know its composition: can I fire it stoneware or earthware? If you have some experience to share: do you add something to this king of clay or do you start straight testing at different temperature? Thanks in advance.
  2. That's an interesting discussion, and I was also looking to add wood or grass ahses to white or transparent glaze. Any experience to share ?
  3. PerterH, you were right, it was a K thermocouple, which, by the way, appears to be indequate. Fortunatly, I could reprogram the regulation to install a S type. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  4. Peter, please see the attached, I'll see it's the same pictogramme when I switch on normally. Strange character
  5. Hi, my responses: - PeterH: I have the manual and, as you can see on the picture I gave, there's nothing related to the R, S, K, or N - Neil: I also think to K, but I cannot scroll, why ??? no idea
  6. Hello, I'm French and I bought one a secondhand. It is equiped with IPCO Studio 3000. Tonight I got a message "OPEN" meaning there's a problem on the thermocouple. I access with the secret key to the type which should be R, S, K, or N. Unfortunatly, the pictogram shown doesn't correspond to R, S, K or N, see the attached picture. Thanks whether you can help me. Jean-Marie
  7. How do you fire: electric or gaz/wooden kiln?
  8. I've used "shellac" that you can find in some warehouse builder.
  9. I brought back from South Africa a full buckett of laterite (sand full of iron oxyde). I was wondering: if I mix the laterite with clay (what proportion?) when I'll fire it, does the iron will react and give "interesting" results like speckles or something else? Your thought
  10. I'm taking opportunity of this post to ask a question. Making the piece => one fire Underglazing => second fire Transparent glazing : third fire Oups, my electricity budget is suffering. So could it we possible to save one firing by underglazing before biiscuit? Which means: making the piece, underglazing then first fire. Your thought :-)
  11. Hi, I may come to SF in the middle of ths year for 2 or 3 years, and I'm looking for a potter's studio where we could practise (preferably in Oakland). Thanks to contact me whether there are possibilities. By the way, I'm desesperately looking for information to rent a house with garden, as we have a dog. Thanks for everything. Jean-Marie
  12. I tried once to re-glaze a tile I bough in a shop. First, it was difficult to apply the glaze on the tile, as the glaze could not stick. Second, I fired at 1250°C and the tile lost his shape and make bubbles !!!
  13. This is a pottery from Li Hsing Lung (Taiwan): Any idea how it can be done? Not by carving? Thanks Sean.
  14. For a) I confirm what said Min: stoneware glaze fire in eathware = it's sallow. No interest.
  15. Thanks for your quick reply. NewDominionBlues, Neilestrick, I agree with you, that's what I was thinking, but was not sure Chris, I'll check the link, thanks
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