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  1. I have recently build a wood fire kiln and tried several recipes for wadding. My last wadding was one I have no desire to repeat. Anyone out there have a recipe that seems to come off easily even when there is a good bit of ash? Also......glue or spit? 

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      Hi Shorthill, this Status Updates section is more for what people have going on at the moment rather than questions. You will probably get more replies if you post your questions in the Studio Operations and Making Work section. Simon Levin article on wadding here with his recipe and the pros and cons of the one he uses plus various other ones. Welcome back to the forum.

  2. I converted an old electric kiln to a gas kiln using the Summit-18. I have been using it for two years now with absolutely no issues. I love the versitility of being able to move my kiln in and out of the garage for firings due to the steel wheels. I am actually looking for another, larger old electric kiln to construct a second kiln!
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