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  1. Kohaku, As a teacher I've seen many pieces made by those whose design ideas are more advanced than their understanding of clay as a material. I was that type of potter once. You will be much happier when you put the needs of the material and the process first, once you see all the vast possibilities that exist within that, and design within those parameters.
  2. If this is a classroom situation, the glaze firing is probably not programmed to go up to bisque temp slowly enough for a green pot. It does not make sense for them to program a kiln for a once-firing that only contains two pieces. OP should put the pieces into a bisque firing first, then a glaze firing. If the glazes flake off or do anything weird in the bisque firing, you can touch up your pieces with glaze before they go in the glaze firing.
  3. There are lots of glazes that can withstand being applied to greenware, then go through a bisque firing and a glaze firing. And there are some that won't make it. The fit just won't match and the glaze will flake off during the bisque. I once did this with my students on purpose. The ones that worked the best had a thin application of glaze. The thicker the glaze, the more likely it was to flake off during the bisque fire.
  4. I have two rules for my classes: 1. Be a good citizen of the studio. Read and follow all of the studio guidelines. They all exist for a reason. 2. Learn pottery at your own pace. Never compare yourself to another potter. Everyone here is at a different point along this road, and traveling at a different speed. It is not a race. They know I expect them to be considerate towards each other, and not to be competitive with each other, and this creates a very supportive environment. Mea
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