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  1. I ordered a lb. of copper carb and it doesn't look anything like the bag I have been using for 2 years. Old bag is mint green, pale. pastel. New bag is bright strong bluish green, almost like Spring grass. I called the supplier, asking how to use it, and was told, it's not different, it should require no adjustment to amounts used. What do you guys think? I know, it's test, test, test, but where to start?
  2. Second tha. I learned early oe, commissions are a deep hole I will not fall in. Do a search on that topic, there have been several long threads on the perils of commissions. Closest I will come is agreeing to let buyer specify stamping and glaze choice on piece I am already making . Even then....has to be something I can easily sell if the person changes their mind. I won't agree to ugly choices, cause then I'm stuck if they don't take it. No amount of $$$ will get me to do otherwise.
  3. Listen to Chris. I've been making and selling pottery for 11 years. At this point, I do well with sales and income. Admittedly, the pots I offer for sale today are VASTLY better that the first pots I offered and did sell, but at no time did I offer warped, cracked, glaze flawed pieces. DON'T DO IT. I was even encouraged by the so called local instructor to 'call it art and up the price" Do I need to add, he makes crap? Every piece you put out there has the potential to live longer that you will. The hammer hangs beside my kiln. I use it less now, since I have become more discriminating about the greenware, If I know the design is bad, I recycle the clay, no need to fire it. Please do yourself and all of us quality conscious potters a favor and cull you work. Sounds like you already know what to whack? :-) Like Pugaboo's stones, will be doing some of that.
  4. Wish I could have gone to NCECA, but not this year. Is there any way to hear or read that lecturer's notes?
  5. I make little HB bowls, 3'', to fit in around and under the larger bowls in a glaze. Little soap dishes, 3x5, to finish off a shelf that has a long rectangular tray. Long skinny butter dishes for same place. Mark, I think I see a space on the upper left under a bowl. Impressive work.
  6. Grrrrrrrr. hey, Denise, which kiln do you have the envorvent on?
  7. I'm a bit like Mia and Paul. I will make enough of certain height piece at one sitting to fill a shelf in a glaze. For wide bowls, the hardest to load in a glaze for me, I fill in and around with lower smaller thing that fit in under the rims of the bowls. Takes me forever to fit in the spaces but make sure nothing touches. Like Mia, I have sized new works to fit on a bisque shelf after figuring in shrinkage from drying, and have made pieces sized specifically to sit beside another pieces to fill a shelf tightly. I always have plenty of stuffers and littles for that reason. My goal is to get 2 full glaze firings from 1 bisque. There is a cabinet near the kiln where the glazed or bisque pieces that did not fit are stored until next time.
  8. I'm sorry to hear the vent didn't even things out, I have similar problems with a similar kiln and have tried everything to get it to fire more evenly. I was hoping a factory made downdraft vent would help. Stacking taller pieces more lightly in the bottom didn't change the cones. I can be a full cone cooler in the bottom. The amps are correct, there is a shelf 1" off the bottom, the elements are new, the relays are also, it has fired unevenly from day one and after new parts a few years into use. I want to do some more complex glaze development and really would like a way to get more even firings. Sorry to hear the home made vent didn't help. Would the factory made give better results?
  9. Sounds like you are trying to make the coil disappear into the wall of the piece, is it for added height? I add coils to slumped pieces and want they to stand out as a design feature. we might want different results from our coils. I add at the soft leather hard stage, any drier and the coil is too stiff to join neatly for me. the piece stays in the slump until the entire thing shrinks away from the edge and is stiff enough to stand alone.[
  10. I often add coils, what was wrong with the coils you used? I do have to me careful not to kink them up when adding.
  11. look at Clay King, good prices. You can get a 1/3 HP Thomas Stuart for that. probably a smaller Brent. I would stay away from the Pacifica and smaller Shimpos, lightweight with jerky foot pedals.
  12. So far nothing on her Facebook page. She was part of the crowd around the wheel. I would have needed to interrupt everything to speak to her. I was "being nice". Grrrrrr.
  13. I was doing a demo in a public place last week and a woman that I know only by name, same way she knows me, came by and started taking pictures. Ok with me at first, but she took maybe 200 shot, got up on the podium, shot down into the pot I was working on. The shots seemed to be more of the work being done that of me . I found out today that she didn't take pictures of anyone else doing art demos that day. She does not work for the company that set up the art event, and I THINK she is a budding potter, not sure about that. Now that I know she was not working for the newspaper , or the organizer , and did not take pictures of any one else, I feel weird. I asked her to send me any good picture she got, my e-mail is out there and I'm pretty sure she can easily find it. So far, I have not heard from here. I feel weird about this. If I had known she was going to take that many shots, I would have asked her not to. I kept seeing her still shooting out of the corner of my eye as I worked and interacted with the audience. Would you feel wierd? What would you have done? Am I paranoid? Or just irritated. I give lessons, if she wants to learn how to throw a pot, she can come take a class with me. I'm sort of waiting for those pictures to show up somewhere I don't want them.
  14. I come here every morning, with my first cup of coffee, when my brain is still coming together. I get all the above mentioned things for the forum. I read most every post , since there a kernels of wisdom in the unexpected place. A lot of times, I put out a question when I just can't decide which way to go on something. Usually I get back other's experiences that help be move forward in one direction or the other. I consider this Forum very helpful to my business and my development as an artist.
  15. I bought the Slab Master, from Clay King, several years ago and it has worked hard for me. I saved much money and got a product that is easy and dependable to use. I has 30" double rollers and is adjustable with one wheel, a feature I especially like.
  16. Terry, this is an on-line hug. (((())))) I will get back with you soon , heading out to do my own promo work. Best.
  17. Good point, I had not thought of that, and the colored slip, I can come up with some wow pieces with that.
  18. I have agreed to do a wheel demo for a large corporation's Spring fun day. It is an opportunity to promote my guild and the gallery I am associated with. I will be indoors with a sink and concrete floor and good lighting. Many of the visitors will be children. Do you have any suggestions for what type of pieces to throw? Are there things that seem to have a wow factor? Do kids respond to different things that their parents, who would be the one's doing any shopping? Is there a good plan that would let me take leather hard green ware home from this ? I'm going to be throwing for over 3 hours , what sort of work will travel home with me the easiest? On what type bats?
  19. Thanks you! how helpful. Do any of you think the cooling program will be affected by the vent running? Or am I supposed to go turn it off after it peaks?
  20. So sort of stand on my head and have at it ? Guess the vent will come with a pattern for the holes to fit into.
  21. I have had a Skutt 1027 for a few years. I want to add an Envirovent. Do I need to plan on taking the kiln apart to put the holes in the bottom? Any advice before I do this? Thanks
  22. Thanks guys. Now I can finish those baskets and learn some new tricks.
  23. I tried it every way I could think of and never got anything but dry black. Good Luck, let us know if something works.
  24. Do any of you have experience with making tall strap handles for baskets? I know I can hand them over cardboard tubing to firm up some, but how do I stabilize them while attaching and support them for drying without having them pop off from shrinkage tension. Of course, I made several of the basket bodies yesterday before remembering I was not sure how to proceed with handles. :-)
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