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  1. And one way to continue to feel like the local "Master Potter" is to never leave the narrow confines of your local uninformed populace. I think that happens in every filed. Sort of like 'The more I learn, the less I know" . Some avoid that feelingby never leaving that spot that we all come to when we think we have it 'figured out'.
  2. Everyone is dead broke in the 50 mile circle around my house!
  3. The speedball in tempting, but spendy, $200. I found a plastic bath tub stool at the thrift store. It's like what is used in retirement living centers. very stable feet, all 4 legs adjustable height, good wide seat, if I sit on the edge of a stool, I get numb down the backs of my legs. And a sore bum. I have the front legs 2" shorter . with the overall seat height at about level with the wheel head. Bricks for the non pedal foot. knees just above the splash pan, thighs level. I scoot the chair as close to the splash pan as possible so that I can keep my upper arms close to my body, rather than reaching out into space to find the center of the clay. I have been using it for about 3 months and so far it is better than what I previously had. the price, $5, was also comfortable. But I still think about the Speedball.
  4. Neil, how does a down draft bent affect the controlled cooling ramps? Does it make the kiln run more to keep the temp drop what is programed?
  5. Sham-WOW works really well for all sorts of damp clean up from work surfaces to wiping extra glaze off pots. Hold water without dripping, very absorbent.
  6. my only experience with Little Loafers was like trying to throw crème cheese.
  7. unfortunately, your buying public often can not tell the difference. I have spent years trying to teach my customer how to choose their pottery and how to tell if it was machined or not..
  8. Plastic place mats from the junk store, 3/$ for larger things, political signs from along the road, free after the election, I store them until needed. I want my templates to be sturdy enough to run the needle tool or knife point against the edge.
  9. What started this question for me is the difficulty in tracking the variables with so many glazes . I feel I should narrow the list, but use10 or more regularly, depending on the piece and it's need. I can't get myself to narrow the list. I also use different clays, depending on the outcome I want. Each kiln I open has beautiful new effects that I want to repeat and some "Don't do THAT again ! " elements to it. But I'm having difficulty repeating some glaze effects I really like. Do I make just one thing, out of all the same clay, and many of it and use one glaze, no matter whether it seems the best choice for the piece ? Spray, dip an d pour It takes a lot of work to fill my kiln and I'm at a loss as to how to go about it.
  10. I have been thinking I might have too many different glazes in my studio, but can't figure out how to choose which ones to eliminate. How many do you use regularly If you only have a few, say 3-5, do you only make things that you feel will look good in those glazes ? I am always thinking of something new piece I want to make and then figuring out which glaze to put on it afterwards. Probably following form first and finished look later. I will follow my inspiration through the making of the new piece until I am really happy with the shape, pattern, texture, etc. and sometime it get bisque and sits until I decide which of many glazes it needs. Not the most efficient way to make, for sure, and not what I do always, but often enough to be bugging me. If I narrow my glaze group, It will be harder to finish those pieces, but I have too many variables in each kiln right now.
  11. Look at Everconcept or Seville shelving online. Plenty sturdy enough, I put them on top of 2x4 sturdy, folding plastic tables with drapes,. Room underneath for trunk storage and easy to break down fit in the SUV. Can be combined and or stacked. Very versatile, different configurations easy to do.
  12. 2 things I have learned about hot wax. It works really well. It makes the bottom of pots REALLY SLIPPERY! I lost 3 small plates today, out of the tongs, into the bottom of the glaze bucket. Had to dive for them, when I finally got them out, they had about an inch of glaze on them. Did this 3 times before I decided to be more careful. WARNING GIVEN.
  13. Much of that looks like a subtle cross of a 3rd graders art project and dog poo.
  14. Thanks, Carl, that was an informative read, and helped me answer several q' s.
  15. Bill T, thanks. When you say you get a ^6, do you use self supporting cones and do you call tip touching the shelf as the true cone? Curious, since I seem to need to fire a good bit longer to get that. I hold at 2180 for 25 min.
  16. I just did the same kiln for the first time. It took us a long time but we stopped and started a lot. It is not technically difficult, just a bit tedious. We marked the box and what wires went where before cutting the box off, that was VERY comforting and made putting back together much quicker and less stressful. Don't be afraid and you don't need to hire it done, just go as slow as you need to, to check things as you go along. Probably good to only open the element that you are ready to install, so that you can't mix up the middle with the 2 hotter ones. My former teacher said run it 1 ramp to 1,000 * to burn off coatings and then you ARE GOOD TO GO. I DID HAVE A PLACE OR 2 THAT I ADDED PINS AFTER THE TEST RUN, AND THERE WAS SOME ODER THE SECOND FIRING, BUT NOT FOR LONG.. sORRY, CAPPS KEY IS SNEAKY. Bill, that is the temp I put in for ^6, do you soak aT THAT TEMP TO GET CONES DOWN? I GO A BIT SLOWER TO PEAK TEMP, 115* / HOUR.
  17. Chris, I had a similar experience with two women looking for a girt for their 3rd sister, not with them that day. I told them about the thought behind a large $$$ piece I had and it lit them up, and said what they wanted to say to the missing sister. They bought the piece, one of 3 similar with the same motivation behind the making, and later that weekend, both came back separately and bought the other 2 pieces. They wanted them to all 3 have the 'story' in their respective homes. I will never forget how that made me feel. It's why I sell pots.
  18. Me too, Mark, the footed bowls were not good when I tried hot waxing them. I will look for Gulf Wax. What about it is better?
  19. First try, pretty happy with this. VERY tidy edges to wax, got the larger rectangular Elec skillet so lots of pieces fit in it. WAY easier cleaning bottoms after spraying that the Forbes wet wax I was using. How thick does the wax need to be to work well? I got some beading on the bottoms where the drips cooled. Should it be as hot as possible without smoking? I saw some where that Marcia puts mineral oil in the hot wax. Why? I just used canning paraffin. Mea recommended soy wax, but it is very pricy here. Wish I could find the thread on this that came around not too long ago, but 'search' did not turn it up.
  20. This is an idea I have long been interested in, but not known how to develop it. Thank you for your input.
  21. I'm with Carl all the way. People craving attention and art that does the same thing both make me want to cross the street to avoid them.
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