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  1. Neil, I think your way, I just don't want to over load her with my prejudices. For me if I'm going to spend $700, I would rather spend $1,000 and get the better item. What brands do you consider the "lower priced, decent ones"?
  2. Welllllll, Me thinks I have 'created the beast'! Guy is sitting on my studio step waiting for me each AM, leaves with clay up his nose and is surfing the web for wheels and tools! It has been fun. I remember that I was hooked the 2nd day.
  3. No goats, but a lot of liquor and kinky other things between instructor and students. Very weird week.
  4. I've got the TS 1/2 HP and use it at 75% to center, slower for pulling and other work, depending. I'm asking because I have 3 other wheels in my studio right now and 2 of them are much lighter and slower wheels, with lower HP. When I started moving around among my beginning wheel students helping with centering, I actually had to work at centering the 2 lb balls on the smaller wheels where on my TS the same clay is instantly centered. Got me to wondering. And one of my beginner students wants to buy a wheel and I hesitate to recommend the lighter wheels with my experience today. Any thoughts? The TS is very nice, solid, smooth great foot pedal sensitivity. May have spoiled me for the others?
  5. Is the speed of the wheel a factor for you when you are centering and coning up and down? Is a bigger, higher HP wheel an advantage? Some say they handle 75 lbs, some say 200lbs, both are WAY more clay than I will ever center.
  6. One of my newer hand building students wants to buy a wheel. She has had just enough instruction to sort of center a 2 lb ball of clay and while a bit hesitant, is very focused, a good learned , OCD enough to want to get it right and does several other things with a good bit of skill. She says she likes the wheel better than HB. She has a studio near her to work in and room for a wheel and others who, while not wheel throwers, can run a kiln and have glazes. What wheel should I suggest she buy? I have a TS Revolution, a Brent B and 2 really light weight others on loan to me, a Shimpo Whisper lite and a Pacifica 400. I can tell a tremendous difference between the TS and the 2 light weight ones. She has been using the Pacifica. I am going to but her on the TS tomorrow and see if she knows the difference. Any recommendations? Price is not a big issue. The cheapest wheel is $775, the most . the TS, is $1,200.
  7. Sorry, Chris, but was I in that workshop with you? I think I have been!
  8. After your 2 'No's, has she dug through your things in your absence, looked over your shoulder, taken pic of your pieces in process, or has she started her own R+D on what produced your results? If it's the former, she is who needs to not be in a shared space. If it's the later, anyone who bought one of your pieces and admired it could be working to figure out how it was done. I was in a group space for years. I pod ear buds, and folding screens made it workable until other's fingerprints started showing up on pieces coming out of the common kilns that everyone shared the loading of. That was when I knew It was time to find a way to have my own studio. I sometimes miss the good parts of communal work spaces, but more often I appreciate the private space and meeting other potters at outside functions.
  9. I like Mea's thought, "Not stingy, but selective". Sums up what I feel . And Chris's description of the kinds of info requests she does not fill. There are many ways of sharing, and someone does not have to be an experienced or skilled potter to have something to share with a more experienced or skilled potter. Only the willingness to do it. Sharing could be a ride to the next meeting, or picking up you order when they pick up theirs, etc.. It's an attitude of deserving my info that stops me . If you are my student, however, I will turn myself inside out to teach you and share info with you.
  10. I'm like Denise , each pieces gets what it seems to need, so no favorites, just several that suit different things.
  11. I have a friend that I met when I was a 'new to selling ' potter. She has taught me many things. Now , I have skills she does not, she has skills that I do not. That is the basis I share on. More like trading info. If it's public info, I give it out or name info sources. I got well burned on the 'share with me because I don't have anything to offer you , but you should tell me all you know" approach several years ago. I would take my several hundred dollars and go to workshops and then people that spent nothing, added no info, took the easy route would call me a selfish B when I would not give them my clinic picture and notes . ??????? Same people now call me other names when I out-sell them 10 to 1. Go figure. I will share with those who are willing or able to bring something to the table. Otherwise, sign up for one of my classes. a B for sure, I guess!
  12. I think it much easier to be generous with your R+D when it is not your living. And I have found that the people who take pictures of my work at shows and copy it by the time the next show comes around are often not very good potters themselves and are desperately trying to convince the buying public of their skills. I set up my private studio for just these reasons several years ago, leaving a co op where nothing I developed was safe from immediate copy. Often 'things' disappeared from the group studio and reappear with other's names on them. Desperate.
  13. I'm with you, it's not the dirt so much as the wet jeans under the apron. I do have a really heavy denim or tough canvas apron that was for some sort of other work, and I split it up the middle. It is heavy enough that it keeps my legs dry. I have the dirty little habit of wiping my hands on my legs.
  14. TJR, how would the seat get her closer to the center of the wheel head? I've been measuring what is around here, the Brent is 2" shorter distance than the TS I have, one reason I struggle with it for smaller amounts of clay. I'm not short at 5'6', but have short arms.
  15. I'm left handed, too, but I approached the direction question a bit differently. LOL.
  16. Marcia, do you mean he does not need to learn to center before he pulls a cylinder? Please elaborate on your 2nd sentence. I'm asking these questions because I started in a college program that had me struggling with centering for weeks, 3 times a week, and developing skills over many semesters. This guy is not in that place. I teach a lot of hand building classes but this is different and I want to give him a good experience.
  17. My newish Peter Pugger does not have a screen. It has a vacuum and there are never bubbles in the pugs.
  18. I do remember the difference between what I thought 'centered' feel like and what it really is. My teacher had me put my hands on what she had centered and open it. I immediately knew I was not getting the clay centered as well as I had thought. I don't think this guy will have time for lots of frustration. This experience needs to be positive, so he can decide whether to buy a wheel .
  19. It has been to so long since I was a newbie, I have forgotten what is important to a newbie. Keeping the first efforts is important, I had forgotten. Use same size ball every day, I get that. Would you ever center clay for a student so they can feel what pulling a centered ball is like? If this was a semester of study, I know what I would be doing, but all I'm hoping for is to give him a feel for wheel work and hopefully get him hooked!
  20. Where would you start a wheel beginner ? cylinders or bowls? I have a friend that want to give it a try and may or may not ever want to get one the wheel again. He is a hand builder and asked if I would give him a week of instruction to see if he liked it. So, 3 days, where would you start with this guy? I think he wants to have some finished product from this.
  21. I have a student that wants to buy a wheel. I have a TS, it is too large for her. She is a small woman. what good quality wheel will be a better fit for her? She has to really stretch to get to the center of the TS.
  22. I have plates 'pop off' of plaster, but not hydro.
  23. I'm not everyone, I guess. I'm left handed and my wheel goes clockwise, with my right hand inside. my right hand is dominant when centering. My college instructor is left handed and his wheel goes counter clockwise. when in school, I tried both ways and my body said 'This is correct" when I reversed the wheel.
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