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  1. I have used it for traveling to do demonstrations, but I would NOT buy it for my regular wheel. Too limiting. Have you used different wheels? You really should try some so you can feel the difference more power and better foot pedal gives you, even as a newbie, it matters. My students took their first wheel class with 4 different regular wheels to try. The all could tell that they wanted the better quality Brent or Thomas Stuart over the smaller Pacifica and none of them would use the Artista.
  2. Do you use deflocculated slip, regular slip or magic water for joining. ? I have not tried deflocculated slip, just watched John Britt's video on You Tube on this and am considering it for a stiff slab project upcoming. Are different processes better in different situations? Some of my students get slabs too wet when using vinegar water, looking for a better way for them.
  3. I do both, switching from one to the other as my inspirations change what I want to make, or as I get low on one item or another in my sales inventory. Which ever I am doing, I think it is my favorite until I switch, then the other is my 'favorite'. Adding, I switch when my hands or body tells me I need to change what I am doing.
  4. The variations in glaze effects that variations in kiln temp can produce and the effort to understand and control them.
  5. is the face intact, one piece? and is there a hole in the side of the bowl where the face was? If yes to 1 and not to 2 , might glaze face separately from bowl, then E6000 them together?
  6. I was clueless and took the rings apart for my 1027, but got it done in one morning, with a call to the Highwater tech for assistance at one point.
  7. My bottoms are very smooth, I'm always inviting people to fee it, er , them.
  8. I must not be potting hard enough. I can't figure how you guys get your shoes that dusty. I don't have dust and don't mop very often. Maybe because I open both front and back doors whenever possible and often have a good breeze through? Or I walk through the grass in the yard to get to the house?
  9. What fun ideas to try! can't wait, thanks, all. What is a landscape rim?
  10. I chose the Scott Creek large4" square one. I have their hand held for smaller amounts . Why that one ? I wanted the largest box without going to an expansion box, although it is offered for this model . I do not find it at all hard to clean. Larger, you fill it fewer times before you get the job done , holds 22 lbs.,and it makes large hollow extrusions. If you have curling problems with them, as I did initially, it is about not having the center die spaced evenly in the housing, I block it in with clay lugs that are pushed out with the first 2" of extrusion. I load it with fresh pugged clay made softer than it comes out of the bag. Well prepped clay is imp. I block it and load as evenly as possible. They make sets of shapes dies and a set of 3 larger ones . If your clay is soft enough, important, the dies for the smaller gun can be used in the larger, but can't do the reverse. Another reason for choosing the 4" square box, I can get a diagonal strip that is almost51/2 wide with it. I use that feature a lot when hand building.
  11. So set up a wet tray long enough for all 4 of the sprayers to rest nose down in?
  12. I donate to E.B. and my students make bowls for that, but other than that, exactly what Chris says.^^^ As for charity auctions, that just tells people that they can get my work for a small donation. I think it devalues the artist. As for the Women's Charity Golf event, do you call them and ask then to donate a club membership to you? Same think, I think. The article I saw on this topic is on Carter Gillies Pottery, titled, "The exposure you get is that you are willing to work for free". We have a hard enough time getting respect for what we do, after all, we just 'play in clay' all day, don't we. Got to go, my feet are aching from playing all day, loading 3 kilns...
  13. I'm doing some pots that require several different layers of glaze. I was hoping for some sort of a set up where I could hook each color up to a sprayer and have then ready to go from glaze to the next without stopping and changing the glaze cup. I have a gang manifold from the compressor with 4 hoses. But what is happening is the nozzle on the first sprayer dries up and clogs while I am using the 2nd sprayer and 3rd, and so on. I still end up taking each color off the hose, washing the sprayer out and re attaching the next color. Any advice to make this work more smoothly? The HVLP spray I described is a pain in the .
  14. I have a sprayer from Harbor Freight, the purple one, with the overhead cup, never used it. Got it out yesterday and it is the most irritating piece of equipment I have ever tried to use! Why do so many potters like them? The cup is infuriating to fill, the thing is heavy, you can't sit it down and the manual had no info on how to adjust the spray. What am I missing here?
  15. I believe it is the name of a small MT. community near Highwater Clay. They also make a ^6 called Little Loafers.
  16. I don't know, I have always operated on , ' I have to get them to hold it, before I can get them to buy it." They're sure not going to buy it if they don't pick it up.
  17. I have see this referred to as C. Harris Temoku. I like it best on speckled brown clay. Have not tried it on the black clays. It gets a bit of green speckles where it pools. I use Spanish Red Iron Oxide. Want to try it with Crocus Martis.
  18. I have had that exact experience, get the cooling- firing tweaked and glazes that were on the back shelf suddenly become new favorites ! I am going back and redoing tests of glazes that I expected to like that didn't test out well, may have lots more happy surprises. Now I know why I kept all those yogurt cartons of old tests.
  19. Let her bring it to you , look it over, plug it in and if things look OK, dicker, sounds like she is ready to sell. and Brent CXC is a good wheel.
  20. Well, not a total success, but more height and thinner walls than ever before. Sore fingers, tho. I ended up with a piece that previously took me 2 sectio0ns to get with more even profile, better balance. more of the clay up into the pot, not as bottom heavy as otherwise. So... progress and an approach that I will work on refining. you-tube's that helped; 'Korean potter Lee Sung Ho' Jingdezhen,China, Master thrower ( Tony Wise)
  21. having lunch right now, clay is ready, we will see about this open with a fist tall thing. if not.....back in the pugger.
  22. That is my challenge for this week. There is a video floating around FB of a guy opening tall, I will see if I can find it and post the link.
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