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Chris Campbell

Wheel Throwing Colored Clay

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I have been updating my website today in order to add a tutorial on how to throw Skinner blended colored clay.




I am not a quick thrower anymore since I seldom use my wheel for anything other than making support forms for my work.

But ... I have been so fortunate to have workshop hosts and attendees who are great throwers offer to try some experiments for me. The results are so inspiring I feel a definite tug towards the wheel again.


Thanks so much to Tony Clennell and Mike Lalone for the throwing and to Heidi McKenzie for taking a zillion pictures during my recent workshop and then actually sending them to me ... Yeah!! :D Thanks to them all I have been able to add a lot of teaching content to the site.


If anyone has any other tutorials they would like to see there, let me know and I will do it if I have images.


... and yes, someday I will get around to doing the video that everyone is bugging me to do. :ph34r::D

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If I were not so lazy ( I hate cleaning up after throwing all day ) I would try my hand at throwing with the Skinner blends ... fortunately I still have a bunch of talented clay buddies who will be more than happy to play and experiment.

That said however ... moment by moment I get more tempted.

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