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Any One Use A Jugger Arm On Their Wheel?

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I know of two potter who mused to jigger  small bowls and plates-neither is potting much anymore.

They needed lots of both forms and had the plaster inner form and jiggered the outer foot shape..

One was low fire the other Porcelain high fire.


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The guy I share my studio with made himself one for making saucers. He has a plaster mould of the top and a jigger/jugger arm to carve in the foot.


Yes it could save you time in the end but it requires a lot of effort to get it working. He spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to get the mould centre in the wheel. Trying to make a structure strong enough to hold the cutting part in place and getting the moulds and arm to sit flat.


Next was the problem of getting a flat circle of clay to sit smoothly onto the mould so that it could be shaped by the arm.


There are lots of pros and cons, all depends what you like doing and get enjoyment from. It is possible if you have the time.

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