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  1. I think the Paragon (which I have one) will be too small for you very quickly as your only kiln. I got & use mine for testing only.
  2. http://www.standforthearts.com/take-the-pledge It free and cool looking.
  3. Throw with clay as soft as you can get. Get a pugger mixer and do not wedge any more. Try slab, Jigger and cast forming objects. That is what I do. Warm water helps when throwing.
  4. Bisque, Low fire ^06 with clear glaze then Pit fire with dense material like saw dust, the clear glaze will suck in carbon. Have done it.
  5. Give them away on craigslist. they are usable. If closer I would take them.
  6. I think a good non pottery book that would apply would be Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace" now called "The Total Money Makeover."
  7. Wanted to show that I got it built with scrap metal I had. spent $7 on wire crimps and eye hooks. Will serve my purpose well. Thanks Ken. It has detachable legs for storage and transport. Still have to put handle on it and find another shim sheet.
  8. I will try one or two at ^06 for myself to see. Will fire rest at ^6 Individual very experienced, wheel thrown white commercial low fire clay with ^06 commercial glaze. Yea very experienced potter ought to know!
  9. If mugs are bisque cone 04 and then glazed cone 06, How durable would they be in home use? Microwave and dishwasher?
  10. I have both wheels also and agree with Benzine. I paid that much for just my shimpo used.
  11. I have some physical issues so mechanically rolling the clay is needed. Also embosses patterns of cloth & lace evenly.
  12. Did you use cables with the PVC ? is this the one you made? http://ceramicartsda...wn-slab-roller/ http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-studio-equipment/slab-rollers/how-to-make-your-very-own-slab-roller/
  13. did you rinse off the bisque before glazing? How did you apply glaze? Dip, pour, brush......
  14. I am not allowed open flame or sharp objects! My studio is concrete block for a good reason! Standing up on kick wheel in motion is a good reality check.
  15. The dragon is winning! Mayco BG-600 Dragon Red cone 06 Some times it is fine. The next load it burns out. Programed kiln. Fire lower temp 010 and burns out? All on same plates with same design. Guess I am going to switch to Stain! I give up......
  16. Most of the mold companies have been bought by ones still in business.
  17. Here are some good books to read. The Potter's complete book of clay and glazes by James Chappel Clay and Glazes for the Potter. by Daniel Rhodes Ceramic Formulas: the complete Compendium by John W. Conrad The Ceramic Spectrum by Robin Hopper
  18. Make sure to speak in a language they understand and explain things . Not everyone knows what horse hair means or a cone temp. It can be done with out them even knowing. When they look at the pot say "It is so fun to put the horse hair on the molten pot and see what design its going to make!" and of course SMILE !
  19. My problem may be your solution. Office carbon paper has wax in it, which repels glaze and can leave a clean line. practice on some test pieces first. A thick heavy carbon line should work best.
  20. I made and still use the same extruder that Denice did. The more time you spend making it will pay off in ease of use! Better fit of parts equals better product. Mine is ugly as heck but works. Mine is mounted to a 2x4 shelving unit that holds 50 pound bags of supplies. I think you will need top and bottom vertical and horizontal support.
  21. Thank you all. That is what I was looking for. I have spare metal laying around from welding. Was not sure how go get pressure on top roller but see now how to use lower roller to make it happen.
  22. Has any one here made a slab roller? suggestions?
  23. I throw right out of the pugger. It is de-aired. and I pay no attention to packing spin. Have been reclaming commercial clays that dryed out over several years.
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