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Rebekah Krieger

super dark clay body and glazes

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Thank you all for sharing! I am so inspired! It's amazing how everyone's style vary's so much! biggrin.gif These are all beautiful!


I made my first teapot in the dark clay - (my first teapot ever) and as soon as my light green coyote shino arrives I will be testing that color to use on the pot.



I too have been working with a darker clay body lately. I would still call this a medium dark but I am quite pleased with the feel and color of SC Hazelnut Brown ^6 clay body. I have started using a white slip in the wet stage, and working through the slip with tools to expose the clay then after bisque glazing with opaque and transparent glazes.









I know that this summer will be spent with testing new glazes and techniques to make the best of this darker body.

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Thats a dandy fine goblet!



Thank you.



I would feel like royalty drinking out of that!

I am glad you mentioned that, I have some white clay slur bucket that I was thinking of decorating with....



Actually that is part of a chalice and paten set. I make these for communion services and have sent them as far as Australia.

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