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dense slip for spikes

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I want to be able to make spikes as large as possible by squeezing them with slip (I suppose dense could be nice).

I would like to do the slip from the clay (cone 04) I am using, I have darvan 811 and sodium Silicate (to reduce water content-shrinkage/crackings) but I don't know what quantity should I use, the formulas I find are for too big batches.


Is there some possibility to do about 2 pounds of slip?



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Deflocculating with Darvan or sodium silicate will allow you to take a VERY thick slip with low water content and make it fluid enough to work with, therefore minimizing shrinkage. Flocculating with epsom salts will take a slip with a higher water content and higher shrinkage rate and make it thicker, but will not do anything to reduce shrinkage.


I would take a very thick, sludgy, non-fluid slip, like almost thick enough to form into a shape, and deflocculate it by eye. Mix equal parts water and deflocculant and and add it a couple drops at a time to your sludge until you get the viscosity you need.

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