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Digital organization for pottery business

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Hi all, I’m new here and starting down the road to selling my work. I’m wondering if anyone has a good inventory management system they could share. What I mean is, so far I’ve made a whole lot of pieces that are all different, some of them have sold, I’ve photographed most of them but I don’t have any way of organizing this information.

I’m not a production potter so I don’t have standard pieces, maybe I’ll get there in the future but for now, I’m looking for ways to organize my work and especially the hundreds of photos. Right now I just have folders full of auto-generated “image1234” file names and there’s got to be a better way.

Do people number their pieces to help with this? Or use descriptions? Or organize by date or category (mugs, bowls etc)?

Thank you!


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I am not a production person nor a professional, but I value an organized inventory system. I use two things--for "on the fly" records I use the free mobile app Pottery Log. My permanent inventory is an Excel Workbook with separate sheets for each "category" of pieces: catchalls, bowls, desk top (i.e. business card holders and the like) etc. etc. and ones for wood fire/raku. The pic is from my sheet Bowls; the item code is the same as I use on my webpage as a product number. I use a simple alphanumeric code for each category, i.e. catchalls is CA, DT is desk top etc. The code goes on a piece of masking tape affixed to the bottom of the piece then I can store it and find it. Storage boxes or drawers are labeled BW, CA etc.  It's a lot of detail and some would say not necessary, but it works for me. 

Sample tracker.png

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