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  1. Could be but I’m not sure, I haven’t touched them very much and my hands are very dry (thanks clay!), not oily at all. Hmm...
  2. That’s true, I’m not an expert either (obviously), this is 3 or 4 coats. It’s quite opaque everywhere except those patches.
  3. Hi clay friends, I’ve been experimenting with making terra sig and mixing with mason stains. I’m curious about why it won’t stick to certain areas on some test tiles? Is it because those spots may not be completely bone dry? They felt pretty uniformly dry so I’m not sure... thank you!
  4. Hi all, I’m new here and starting down the road to selling my work. I’m wondering if anyone has a good inventory management system they could share. What I mean is, so far I’ve made a whole lot of pieces that are all different, some of them have sold, I’ve photographed most of them but I don’t have any way of organizing this information. I’m not a production potter so I don’t have standard pieces, maybe I’ll get there in the future but for now, I’m looking for ways to organize my work and especially the hundreds of photos. Right now I just have folders full of auto-generated “image1234” file names and there’s got to be a better way. Do people number their pieces to help with this? Or use descriptions? Or organize by date or category (mugs, bowls etc)? Thank you! Emily
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