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Will it break/crack when firing ?

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I just finished modeling some clay for ceramics (it's called Faïence in french, which translates to earthenware in english ?)  and I would like to know if I should hollow it out more or if it might break/crack when firing ?


The object (which is a grenade) is about 1 to 1.5 inches thick, and the top isn't hollow at all. ( see it in picture  1 : the circled part is all full mass) 


I'm a beginner, bur I worked a long time on this and now I'm starting to panic because it's pretty dry and  I don't know  if I should have hollowed it out more or if after all this work it might break when firing.....


Thanks for your help.


grenade 2.jpg

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less clay is safer in terms of cracking .thats a thick wall

either way it needs a slow firing and before fired it needs to be VERY DRY

I would put it in a warm dry place for as long as you can afford time wise

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In a few weeks  after drying I would put it in the oven at 200 degrees(this is under 212 water boiling point) for a night-next night 250  degrees  and so forth until it really dry .

Once it survives a 500 degree night in the oven I would say you are on the way-during firing the 800 mark is the next threshold but not will be a live grenade at that point.

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