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I bought a kiln from a lady a few years ago.  She gifted me about 70 porcelain doll molds.  I have googled and YouTube alot to try to learn about how to make and use the doll molds from start to a completely finished doll and I can't find much.  I think I know just enough to be dangerous to the beauties lol....can anyone assist me with books, DVDs, even online classes?


Thanks Sheila...

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I found this video on Youtube which seems pretty popular, but mainly it might be a jumping off point for you for more videos on this subject line. It's a teacher specifically casting a  doll  -figurine in multiple peices, but it's pretty doll-like, and explaining how it's done. I get a ton of basic and advanced info from Youtube, and I'm sure others on the forums who do slipware can give you more specific info about slip casting. Welcome to the forums!


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Over 25 years ago, I used to make porcelain dolls. The owner of the studio was fabulous.

Students working in the studio did not cast our own heads though. We chose the mold from which we wanted the greenware head and then took it from the greenware stage.

There were special paints we used that came in powdered form and which we combined with a little bit of oil. It was done with very fine brushes.

We were making antique reproductions of French and German dolls. Some had cloth bodies that involved sewing bodies. There were also ready-made composition bodies.

In most cases there were eye openings in the bisque, and glass or glass-like eyes were plastered in after the painting was done.

The studio now exists in Texas but you will find it online as Jean Nordquist Collectible Doll Company.

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