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Callie Beller Diesel

Shout out to Glazenerd!

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TY Callie and Mark. In January they printed my CEC/ plasticity article, in April my SSA Formulation: and now this one. This summer my new 2500X microscope with a better camera will be here. It will allow me to see how elements are disbursed; primarily interested in alumina. Worked on a drying spritz last summer; increased drying time of porcelain by 20-25%. Hope to finish testing it this summer, while increasing drying time. Was going to keep that to myself, but will submit it I think? Perhaps include some chemistry on how to keep your glaze buckets from producing rocks after they set awhile. 

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Listen to all that technical mumbo jumbo.  You are like a really big nerd, when it comes to... glaze... Ooooh, now I get it...

Seriously though, great job on the article.

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