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For one week from today, the UK ceramics magazine 'Ceramic Review' has posted an article about the great lustre-ware potter Alan Caiger-Smith, and his relationship with Great Dixter, a 15th Century country house in the south of the UK. Read it for free while you can!

The Potter and the Plantsman

I haunted Great Dixter when I lived near there - a beautiful house, with amazing gardens, and great pots just left lying around. Truly stunning.

I actually have a Caiger-Smith goblet (unfortunately damaged). One of the more precious pots in my possession.


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thank you, sputty.  alan caiger-smith is the only potter i missed when i made two trips to england in 2002 and 2003.  (british airways, PLEASE bring back those $99 special fares for odd times of year flights!)  

have always admired the brushwork and skill shown.

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I met him at the Majolica conference in Toronto in '98 at the Gardner Museum . I have always admired his work. Glad he is still among us (on earth). Great article and really wonderful examples of his work. Thanks for posting.

Every time I see an older potter's name in the subject,  I brace myself for an obit.  Its an age thing, I know. I have lost quite a few older friends.


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