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Seeing Cones

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I have polycarbonate safety sun glasses I use for work i was planning on using. Maybe doubling up If i need to.  Clear polycarbonate blocks UVA/B light 100%.  I also have polarized sun glasses, pol lenses also block all UV light.  

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Ok I ordered a pair of Pyramex S3560SFJ for $10 shipped on ebay, these are the green laser type glasses that filter out IR/NIR as well as UV.  I guess under those I'll wear sunglasses that can cut down the visible light enough to see the cones.  My peep hole is large enough that I can view inside from a few feet away.  This seems like a definite challenge for those with traditional smaller peep holes.

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On 9/7/2017 at 6:42 PM, Mark C. said:

OK heres the deal looking into kiln can hurt your eyes you need PROTECTIVE eyewear-Lighter wielding glasses will protect you-sunglasses will not.

Do some research and get the right eyewear -they  are sold at almost every ceramic shop and online .

There has been a lot written about this subject so just use the search button to find those posts.

...so, um...what do you use?...

I have certified infrared kiln glasses, and guess what, (on subject), I still can't see the cones at cone 10.

A lot of it has to do wit the size of the peephole. On my big gas kiln It's alot easier with 2"X2" peeps.

On my Olympic toploader with the little 1" holes no way Jose'...

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