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  1. Thanks Neil. It's just that I'm trying to choose between Shimpo VL Lite (which has a 100W motor according to the specs) and Clay Boss. They seem to be very comparable in specs and pricewise, and it's only the wattage that I couldn't find anywhere for Clay Boss.
  2. Hi all, Can anyone help me find out the electric motor wattage of the Clay Boss pottery wheel? I want to buy one and cannot find it in any specs posted on the internet. Speedball came up with a response like this: "Our Clay Boss is recommended for use at 120V. The number of amps that the wheel pulls is a byproduct of the work that is being done on it at any given time, ranging in amps of between 1 and 15. With all this said, the wattage for the Clay Boss would range between 120 and 1800, as wattage is volts times amps." I find it a little strange since all other wheels I've encountered so far have the wattage clearly indicated on the electrical label along with voltage, amps, phase, etc. Can the Clay Boss wheel be THAT different from others? Thanks! Olga
  3. This kiln looks great. I hope to achieve a similar result. Still wondering about those fire panels though. I emailed the seller hoping to get more info. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I will be building my first fiber raku kiln this summer. Trying to do it on a dime, so looking for cheap or free materials. One ad that caught my attention on Craigslist today sells some firebrick for wood insert fireplace in decent sizes - between 16" and 18" square. Do you think I could use those as shelves for this type of kiln? Thanks!

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