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  1. Jewels

  2. Decals

    Using my own decal prints
  3. Some decals

  4. Ferric Chloride 2

    Wow. Great result!
  5. Recent work

  6. untitled

    Double WOW!
  7. DSCF2317.jpg

    Great work...love the detail and the glaze.
  8. Chi-Na_01.jpg

    How interesting...they look great.
  9. image.jpg

  10. How do you do this?

    This is a Harry Memmott cone 6 clear glaze..good with underglazes and lustres and best of all...three ingredients! Kaolin 15 Silica 35 Gerstley Borate 50 Let me know if you like it.
  11. IMG_5183.JPG

    Thanks Dinah, could not possibly repeat it!
  12. Thanks for having a look at the new work. Intriguing image on your profile page.

  13. 81.jpg

    I was really pleased with this result.
  14. Jan I like your pot "raku - copper lustre glaze", I think the colours are stunning.

    Where did you buy this glaze or what is the recipe?

  15. Jan's Pots

    Lustre and stoneware

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