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Facebook Page For Colored Clay

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I hope this is an appropriate posting as there is no commercial value ....


At the request of former students I have created a color in clay page of facebook.

I really dislike it when people add me to a group or page without my permission, so I thought I would invite all of you ...

'in person' ... sort of ... :P:D:lol:


I hope this page will become a resource for all who work with color in earthen clays and slips as well as those who want to learn more.
It will be a workspace/lounge where we can share information, provide critiques in a constructive manner so we all learn and hopefully widen the field of people involved.


See you there

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I think I have my settings to 'anyone can post comments or images' ... but so far no one has been able to.

Any facebook gurus know why???

I want anyone to be able to post images and comments.


** update ... now they can post comments but they show up on the bottom left hand side of the page where I didn't even know stuff was!


slippery slope time :unsure:

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OK ... hopefully last time ... using facebook is definitely not my strong point :wacko:


I have switched to being an "OPEN GROUP" instead of being a page.

The group is called 'Color/Colour in Clay'.

Being a Group should ensure that anyone can post questions, comments or images and they should show up in the center of the page so we can all see and comment. .... That's the theory anyhow!
I invite anyone interested in color to try the Group, post something so I can see if it works.


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