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  1. My booth will be at Sherwood Forrest Faire for the next 8 weekends. Anyone in the Austin area or visiting this area is invited to come out and enjoy the great Medeival atmoshpere. See Robin Hood save the castle from the evil Prince John. Hope to see you there.

  2. I apply dry greenware for a soft subtle color...bisque fire then glaze with a clear glaze and glaze fire. I found if I applied to the bisque and applied glaze over it. The glaze seemed to wash out the oxide somewhat, and since this is a subtle effect anyhow it left it pretty washed out indeed. So now I do the oxides on the greenware and the bisque firing sets the subtle coloring into the clay. I do not wipe them off though, Just gently brush on the oxide and it settles darker in the cracks and crevices of the pieces quite naturally..leaving the smooth areas much lighter.
  3. glorious day to make a batch of clay.

  4. From the album: Pots by Char

    © pots by char

  5. From the album: Pots by Char

    Low fire glaze on square plate

    © pots by char

  6. From the album: Pots by Char

    Pottery that can be used on direct flame.

    © pots by char

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