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I just bought an Estrin wheel (June 2024).
I had heard that a woman in our community was selling her son's wheel. When I asked her what kind it was she said it's like the ones they use in the pottery classes with a little motor.  I told her I wanted it if it was in good working order. I had no idea it would be a kick wheel. But I kept my word, bought it, and built a platform on casters for it to make it mobile.

My knees are too cranky for kick wheels but this one is as steady as they come.

It's available if you want it. ($200 includes the platform on casters, and is much less than my cost).
Is in the Pacific Northwest. Just outside of Seattle. 

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Hi Laurel, 

Welcome to the Forum!
I'll move your post to "Community Marketplace – Buy/Sell/Trade/Free" subforum.

You might include an image, if possible?

Here are a few archived threads featuring Estrin wheels:

Estrin Potters Wheel - Studio Operations and Making Work - Ceramic Arts Daily Community
Estrin Wheel - Equipment Use and Repair - Ceramic Arts Daily Community

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