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Does anyone know about Bailey Kiln

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Hi friends, I am looking at purchasing the first kiln, came across Bailey on google, but I couldn't find anybody talking about this brand on the forum, anyone has any knowledge on this brand? 

also does anyone knows if there is any brand making kiln that could use either electricity or gas?

much appreciated! 


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Hi William, 

Welcome to the Forum!

I was in the market for a brand-new kiln last year.
The Bailey was firmly on my final list - it is made by Tucker's (Cone Art) for Bailey.

Here's an archived* thread: Thoughts On Bailey's Kilns - Studio Operations and Making Work - Ceramic Arts Daily Community

I went with L&L; it was close though!

I'm not recalling ever seeing a gas/electric kiln.
There was an electric kiln that was set up to do reduction, however, I don't believe they are made any longer.
The fuel's purpose was to provide CO for reduction, not heat - it was a small flame.

*the internal search doesn't return archived (closed) threads.
To return closed threads, try searching from your browser, e.g.
Bailey and kiln and ceramicartsdaily.org


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