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Wenger Pottery Wheel

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Hi AndrewB, Welcome to the Forum!

Is that a "flange mount" bearing assembly?
If so, is there a cartridge bearing that is replaceable, or must the entire assembly be replaced?

Bearing 6204 is familiar to me; it's common for bicycle hubs. I've used the double seal (designated by "2RS") type.
ABEC 5 seems a reasonable tradeoff between cost and durability, a worthwhile step up from ABEC 3, imo; I'd stay away from the "ceramic" type - high cost for a bit less friction and not necessarily more durable...
The Enduro brand is widely available and lasts better than other brands I've tried. Vendor WheelsMfg.com has been great ...they used to offer cartridge bearings via https://bicyclepartsdirect.com/ - however, I'm not seeing 6204 (or any other wheel/hub) bearings there now...
The 6204, however, is 20mm ID x 47mm OD x 14mm wide.
I'm not finding a spec of BPF6X30MM

Added: if there is a cartridge bearing to press in/out, a bearing press can be very handy, for
  a) it is important to apply force only to the outer bearing race edge (of the new bearing)
  b) it is important to maintain alignment throughout the pressing (in and out)

Once the bearing gets a bit tilted, it can be difficult to straighten out without damaging the bearing and/or the hub.

Added II: does it look somewhat like this?

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bearing press/tool; image
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