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Leguna Robins Egg Glaze Defect

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I got a load out of the kiln today, fired to cone 6, and I have a few pieces glazed in Leguna's Robins egg that are pinging. I took them out at around 100f, and there is no crazing that I can see. It is meant for this firing temp so I am just unsure of whats happening. Has anyone else had issues with this glaze?  Can I continue firing like normal or do I need to change something, maybe it would work better in cone 5? 

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Crazing means the glaze doesn't fit the claybody it's on. A simple analogy would be a pair of jeans a few sizes too small for someone, they are going to stretch and rip. This is what your glaze is doing on the clay. It has nothing to do with taking them from the kiln at 100F and firing cooler will just make it worse. Since it's a commercial glaze the simplest thing to do is ask your supplier or Laguna Clay which body they recommend for this glaze. It is hard to see crazing with some glazes, try rubbing a permanent marker or calligraphy ink over the glaze then wiping it off, the crazing should be visible then.

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