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Maker for a unique type of coffee mug

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Hi there! This is my first day posting, let me know if I should be posting somewhere else or if you have any advice!

I have a unique variation on a coffee mug and I’d like to find someone who can slipcast and glaze 100 units per month.

I have the plaster molds, design, and recommended parameters already developed.

Bonus points if they can package, ship, and manage a small inventory to help with lead times. Double bonus points if they can have fast lead times and adapt the glaze colors to match customer requests or their own inspiration.

Does anyone have experience with where to look for something like this? Am I best off looking for hobby artisans? Independent shops? Small factories? Is it often best to go this route or to have one place do the manufacturing and another do the warehousing/fulfillment?

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Hi, I see that there are no responses so I’ll chime in with what little I know. 
I haven’t done mass production but you might find this article on one potter’s experience with mass production of coffee mugs insightful:


You can try looking up MudShark out of Portland OR (https://mudsharkstudios.com). I have no personal affiliation with them nor have used their services but they were highly recommended during a workshop that I took last year.

Good luck. I’ll be curious to hear about your experiences. 

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