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Homemade Wood Fired Brick Kilns

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A properly designed wood burning kiln could reach cone 14. Firing to cone 6 would be no problem, however if that's the temp you plan to fire to then you would want a kiln that produces very little ash, otherwise you'll have dry ash on your pots. The other option would be to fire your pots in saggars to protect them from the ash. To get the effects that you see in most wood fired pottery (ash glaze), you need to fire to at least cone 9 for the ash to melt well.

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Reaching cone 6 with wood is no problem, but as @neilestrick said, you’ll not get that juicy wood fired look at cone six…without some help (flux). Ash begins sticking to pots and building up pretty early on, at bisque temperatures. It stays dry and crusty until cone 9 or 10. Spraying soda ash in will flux it at cone 6 though.

Some kiln designs aren’t made to emphasize ash buildup though, Olsen’s fast-fire comes to mind.

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