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My favorite wax is still available for a short time (Crystal CerA Wax Resist )

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I have a source in Cental Canada and they will ship it before the Freeze season starts which is soon.I was down yo 6 gallons and just bought 5 gallons more which should do me for sure for life.

PM if you want any Crystal CerA Wax Resist  info which for me is the best wax ever but has been off market for many years now.Forbes is the next best-also needs to be shipped in the non freeze season.

This oplace has a limited supply and sells in the equivalent sizes (metric) to quarts ,1/2 gallons and gallons -a gallon is $79 shipping is by zip code -Ground UPS

I'm sure supply will run out soon so hurry if you need some. Seattle pottery sells it for like $250 a gallon now I'm told

I'm around until Oct 4th them I'm off  this continent for 4.5 weeks but will still check in

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