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On 1/15/2013 at 6:50 AM, clayshapes said:


I live in Toronto and about to make the plunge and buy a new kiln. Locally, ConeArt and Euclid are available to me. I am wondering if anyone has opinions about these two brands. I know ConeArt has a "double walled" kiln - not sure if that is really a benefit or not. I've spoken with them about the kiln and seen their video and it looks like a very good quality kiln. But I know some say that the double wall isn't really that big an advantage in electricity saving etc. Just wondering what others might think.

I fire stoneware - bisque to 04 and glaze fire to cone 6 -- I do this about once a week -- sometimes less, sometimes more. I need a good, reliable kiln!

As far as Cone Art

From an energy standpoint the insulation saves money and energy, period! People arguing it doesn’t are selling non insulated kilns. The Cone art lids are one of the best IMO and Frank Tucker is a great guy. We have five of his  kilns each have a bit over 1000 firings on them.

Euclid makes interesting kilns, some fiber  some a mixture of brick and fiber and some industrial. Not sure these two compete with each other though.

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@Peggy Marion If it was me, I’d snap it up, but I already know I like clay. If you haven’t had your first class yet, I’d maybe give the large equipment purchases a pass until you know for sure how you want to work, and how much work you want to make. Kiln choice should be based on your level of output and your need. Exhaust your class and it’s facilities first. 

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