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Beginner glaze maker - Best glaze recipe for white coffee cup using cricut stencils

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Hello everyone,

I am beginning the journey of glaze making and was hoping for a point in the right direction for a basic non-leaching white glaze recipe for functional ware ( travel mugs),fired to cone 6. I intend to adhere cricut vinyl stencils for a business logo, so a low-running glaze is important. I intend to use the dipping method of glaze application. I have looked at the suggested websites and am finding them a little too detailed for the beginner! If anyone has a hood starting point for this project, I would be grateful for your reply!

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Term used for a non fluid glaze is a stiff glaze, this sounds like what you are looking for. Thickness of the glaze and over firing can also make an otherwise non fluid glaze runny or fluid. 

From the Mastering cone 6 book the Glossy Base 2 Licorice recipe without the iron  and cobalt and with approximately 13% zircopax  is a good starting place for testing. Whether or not it fits your clay will have to be determined by firing and testing as not all glazes fit all clay bodies.



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A white glaze I’ve been using a couple years is based on glazes from John Hesselberth. It may be one of his glazes, I can’t remember. I just know I like it and it’s reliable. It’s stiff, stays put, glossy, but satin matt if slightly under fired. You’ve got to sieve it when mixing (should do that with all glazes anyway), the wollastonite likes to stay in lumps. The speckles in the photo are from the clay body, on lighter clay it’s white like milk. 

EPK- 32

Ferro frit 3124- 31

Wollastonite- 23

Silica- 14


Zircopax- 12


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