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Production throwing job

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Looking to outsource the making of an item, we are in need of about 30,000 to be produced prior to Summer 2023.  Would like for this to still be located within the US, does anyone know of a facility or independent studio that could take this on? Or a potter who would be willing to take this on? Please let me know  if anyone has any input on this type of job. 

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Thirty thousand seems like an enormous order for an individual, that would be 82 per day 7 days per week for a years time, and that includes drying, bisque, decorating and firing. There is no context here to size, weight, type of clay, firing range, decoration and glaze requirements. Maybe adding this to the post will add clarity, else maybe I would begin looking at commercial ceramic shops. Maybe start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ceramics_manufacturers_of_the_United_States


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Hey Bill, 

Thanks so much for your input. Yes it is a very large order, I have been making 100/day/7days a week, which is a lot. I will look into that link thank you for sending, in the meantime I have included a bit more information about this product below. Thank you!

Size ranges from 3"-9", closed form, made from 240 Standard white clay. Fired to cone 6 with a white glaze. 

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That is quite an order. I remember undertaking an order for 2000 vessels several years ago. Took me a year to finish them as I was still teaching.  I just barely met the deadline for the job.

I would think this would be a job for a coop of some sort. A group of potters that could share the burden.





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