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does anyone here do workshops?

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our guild is ready to start having workshops again.   several topics were mentioned in the meeting today ranging from making plates by throwing and by slab, basic chemistry of glazing for cone 6, and various ways to fire in an electric kiln.    

most of us have electric kilns and use stoneware clays of various types firing to cone 6.    some of us use bottled glaze but want to think about making glaze.  i am sure i will be getting other suggestions from members who were not in attendance but i wonder if there is someone available who might be interested in a 2 day weekend in the Winchester, Va. area.   there are a number of virginia potters i will investigate but maybe one of you...?

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thanks for the suggestion, callie.   we had a zoom meeting.   i plan on offering some shorter workshops using video presentations but do not know how they will go over.   the first thing is nailing down what the members want.   our meeting was smaller than usual and i will send an email asking for input from them all before any definite plans are made.

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thanks again, callie.   in doing a little research yesterday, i found that Kirsten Kieffer has written an article in 2020,  ceramics monthly about the subject of workshops.  it is on her website under workshop logistics.  i have read it and it covers a lot of information both the organization and the presenter need to consider.   the venue is a third consideration  and, of course, dates must be agreeable to all.  that article was an eye opener to me.  you might look it up.

i am new to this but i know there will be a lot of negotiation involved.   as i see it, i need first to decide on a venue.   we may have two choices, one a junior college and the other a private business owned by one of us that has workshops regularly in their facility.  i have emailed  the private business to see if there is a video of the space available for the presenter to view.   when i get an answer, i will provide that to the presenter so the physical layout can be assessed.

we have had many workshops in the past but the person who organized those is no longer with us.    we used to do them in the local junior college but have not for many years.  perhaps they no longer allow that.   i will find out tomorrow, well, today, monday.

btw, kristen kieffer did a workshop for us and we covered her expenses, travel included.

EDIT   junior college no longer allows outsiders to give workshops.   several responses from members mention glaze.  making applying, correcting, etc.  only a few so far.  

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