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What is this?

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I don't know what screen shots are but this looks like it might be used for baptism or used by the altar boy to serve wine to a priest during a long ceremony. Denice




Your idea is better than what it is suppose to be. But let's assume my reference is correct for the sake of the quiz.

One word in your suggestion can be used in the answer.

Screen shots are a way that you can search an image on Google.

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I think it is used to hold and pour water used for baptism.


Very beautiful.

Some churches have rather special vessels for holding baptism water, and some people are particular on where the water comes from (e.g. the river Jordan).


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The vessels are French and are called 'biberons' meaning bottles or drinking vessels, the word is now used to indicate 'baby bottles'. Babies could never have been fed from these ceramic vessels they would have been injured for sure.

The vessels are of the 16th century, of Saint Porchaire a region in France. There are only 60 pieces in the world. The exact location of the kilns and makers names are not exactly known however the ware has the provenance of royal association; the arms of Kings Henri II and Frances I, the High Constable Anne De Montmorency are located on the backs and bottoms of some of the ware.


This information is culled from- The Art of Ceramics; European Ceramic Design 1500-1830 by Howard Coutts

It is a good book with lots of color photos and interesting text.


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