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  1. or try rolling the slab between 2 sheets of thin plastic.
  2. Thanks Wahine, whether it count or not, I now know how to fix my problem
  3. Nancy's #2: Meditation I started pottery lessons 3 years ago and loved it from day 1. I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes a couple of months later and realised recently that pottery was my coping mechanism.
  4. If centering is not your problem, it could also be air bubbles in the clay.
  5. This is so interesting. Can't wait for the finals!
  6. Cannot help with your problem with coils but would like to say your work is amazing! Your first picture reminded me of an Arum Lily - they grow wild close to my house.
  7. You must be so relieved! Best of luck with further recovery. BTW bowls look great as well as the background!
  8. Heidi


    absolutely gorgeous
  9. What a nice idea! I will do this thanks very much
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