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Commercial specialty glazes


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I like some of the commercial mid-fire glazes that make an effort to pay homage to the "real thing" they are derived from, such as high fire potter-made glazes. These are Ancient Copper, Crystal Forest, and Palladium, fresh out of a cone 5 electric fire. I'm happy! (the photos are just quick reference snaps-don't bother telling me how to get rid of the glare etc. :rolleyes:  The little moose dish has some  unglazed accents that I did with wax-that's not the lighting; the Palladium is more silvery than appears and the crystalline is not so yellow looking. Too lazy to retake the pics for this purpose.)

20201025_155206 (2).jpg

20201025_155213 (3).jpg

20201025_155218 (2).jpg

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@Rockhopper      It is lovely-the effects vary considerably of course based on clay/firing/texture etc. Their sample pic is consistent with the 'lighter' areas. I use the L&L Slow Glaze and Slow Cool program targeting cone 5. This is another casual pic-it's on a wall next to a regular wall lamp, hence the washout on the left.

bacon press AC.jpg

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