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Nicky S

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Hi ...... Did a glaze firing using black and white porcelain , using the same  transparent glaze 
On the white it sat very well On  the black came out milky  with spots ( tho was told this glaze works well on black porcelain as doesn’t give a brown color after firing  ) The other issue I had with the black porcelain is that the glaze stayed quiet wet after dipping ,and did not adhere on rims well Thank you Nicky


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Clear glazes generally perform best with a uniform not very thick coat which minimizes any slight coloring effect they may have. Dark claybodies often show as cloudy. In this case it does appear the glaze may be thicker than you wanted but not drying normally also might indicate this clay was bisque a bit higher in temperature than ideal. Test tiles are always the best idea, glazes often perform differently for people and clay that generic statements like “this works over black or red” are just hard to make. Test tiles always to confirm you have the right clay, glaze, bisque, firing schedule for your stuff.

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