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A humbling insight part two:

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So i get back from my 6 week trip, all crazy excited to get back to the studio, think 'Hey I'll just through a few little bowls'. You know just to get back into it and have something to play around wíth this weekend and I woke up this morning with my wrist a hummmmming :(


Eek who knew, trust me I was humbled....



P.S on a more exciting note: my art centre is having an evening with Paul Bryn Davies. He is going to a demonstrate drawing fairies and dragons. If you don't know him he has drawn the jackets for at least 15 Stephen King novels. Ya!

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oh, i think i know that feeling; the muscle seems to be vibrating.

I have not yet decided if it should be called an ortho or neuro problem as

B-12 deficiency then muscle over use or misuse seems to set it off for me..


If you are vegetarian or vegan, pop them pills - you wont get enough from food.


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Thanks guys,

I would say more like and ache generally, but with a actually pain when i extend the wrist. I am sure nothing too seriuos probably just over did it on the first day back. Have been eating marmite for some extra b vitamin. just getting older i guess.... it happens. T

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