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  1. Hi. I'm pretty much a beginner myself, trying to learn. I wasn't a chisel/knife carver, I was a power carver using Foredom carving tools. I was self-taught, and I had a Foredom, so.....! I have ~ 25 clay carving tools and use only 6 or 7 most of the time, so I haven't been tempted to dull my handful of knives & chisels! I have used the Foredom on underfired clay with ...

  2. Are you using your wood carving tools in clay? PS: despite what it says, I'm just beginner who asks far too many questions and does almost everything in violation of all the rules , just to see what will happen -and if you really can't. :)

  3. cut & pasted 4 u - Petroleum Jelly* Give your dried hands and feet a special moisturizing treatment using petroleum jelly. This is one of the least expensive hand and foot treatments to soften and heal very dry skin. You simply apply petroleum jelly to damp hands and feet to lock in the moisture. Make sure to cover your feet with socks and your hands with cotton** gloves. This will allow the petroleum jelly to penetrate into the skin. If possible, leave the socks and gloves on all night. When you take them off, your hands and feet will feel much softer. Do this treatment every night fo
  4. Has anyone tried this product? http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-bisque-fix/#reviews
  5. in trainee mode- so many ideas - so much to learn

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