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Can I re underglaze on a glazed bisque tile then re glaze?

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Hi Everyone!!! i need help! im doing the yr 6 class tiles for art graduation and accidentally did a "t" not a d on the tile.

its a bisque tile that has already been underglazed then glazed and fired! 

im wanting to change the letter to a "d" then reglaze and fire

thanks in advance im stuck 

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I have recently started making baby/children’s hand  and footprints using low fire Laguna at 1/4” thick and mostly Duncan Envision glaze. I have reglazed or touched up several times with very good results. I suppose because it is flat the glaze is very easy to apply. It takes a bit longer to dry but otherwise I treat it just like a new piece of bisque that has been glazed for the first time. 

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