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^04 glaze recipe help


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I have a recipe that is from a Walter Ostrom workshop. The glaze is called ^04 Moon. The ingredients don't add up to 100, and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and test it as written. Just thought I would see if anyone had any comments or suggestions.

Thanks, Pam

Mag carb 25

EPK 10

Lithium carb 5

Borax 20

Gerstley borate 10

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If you rebalance the 70 to 100 parts, then it is a glaze from Linda Arbuckle's handouts called Moon, firing Cone 06-04, less the copper carbonate that made the Arbuckle handout glaze turquoise. See below:


Glaze name: Moon


Cone: 06-04


Color: Turquoise


Surface: Crater

Firing: Oxidation

Glaze type: Texture

Transparency: Opaque


Magnesium carbonate 35.70

Kaolin 14.30

Lithium carbonate 7.10

Borax 28.60

Gerstley borate 14.30

Copper carbonate 7.10

Comments: Bob Shay sculpture glaze.


I suppose the Magnesium carbonate is what makes the surface "crater" and the glaze type "texture". Sounds like fun!



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