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  1. I keep mine in the original boxes, and on one shelf dedicated to "0x" cones, and on the opposite wall another shelf for cone 1 and higher. I am making it harder to mess up as my memory changes, lol. John
  2. So I got busy and made three sinks for a house I am renovating. This past week I loaded them up and bisque fired them. One of the three survived the bisque firing. The good thing is I know how to efficiently make two more. Must allow more drying time for 1/2 inch thick ware this time..

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    2. Denice


      I need to make a couple of sinks someday. The ones in my bath are chipping. Denice

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      My friend made sinks and made a bowl to fire them in an upright position.

    4. JLowes


      I have new clay for the remake of two sinks, it's a nice architectural clay , very groggy. This time I will take more time to dry, and punch some relief holes inside the foot ring near the foot/bowl join to let the water out better.

  3. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Foil saggar fuming with copper wire wrap and wood chips
  4. JLowes

    Wynhill Pottery

    Work from Wynhill Pottery
  5. I am getting loaded up for a show Saturday and Sunday in Norcross, Georgia. Just me, my honey, a hundred, or so, other artists and 50,000 people.

    1. Min


      How did your sale go?

  6. So I have half of my inventory I hope to take to my first show of Spring is in the kiln bisque firing. About two thirds are new designs I hope will sell well.

    1. JLowes


      So, only one unsatisfactory pot in the whole load. A handle detached itself at the top join. It looks like someone forgot to score and slip...oops. Need to decide how to go...handle...no handle. All the raku destined pieces from the load are fired and turned out well.

  7. Hello Florence W. THank you for your comment on my Avatar. It was inspired by my Yellow Labrador Retriever Lucy! She set me off on the raku animal quest, which is now my main direction for art/craft fairs and shows.

  8. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Raku fired clay with pink and grey underglazes beneath clear crackle glaze

    © @2012

  9. JLowes

    Ole Gator

    From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Wall mountable alligator head figure

    © @2012

  10. JLowes

    Naked Raku

    From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    First Naked Raku pot fired in my homemade raku kiln. Resist clay layer made from same body as the pot.

    © @2012

  11. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Saggar fired pot with Horsehair & Ferric Chloride Fuming

    © @2012

  12. JLowes

    Autumn Fern

    From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Saggar fired with ferric chloride fuming and fern frond from my backyard

    © @2012

  13. It's interesting. The cat and dog were underglaze topped by a clear crackle glaze and raku fired. The giraffe head is underglaze topped by a clear glaze and low fired in an electric kiln. Perhaps the difference in colors makes the appearance not as pleasing to you. In person the giraffe head has impact, but perhaps loses some of that in a photo.
  14. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Cone 6 stoneware mounted on a copper post

    © ©

  15. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Raku clay, raku fired, underglaze decoration unlder clear crackle glaze

    © ©

  16. JLowes

    Fat Cat

    From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Raku clay, raku fired, underglaze decoration under clear crackle glaze

    © ©

  17. JLowes

    Yellow Dog

    From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Raku clay, raku fired, underglazes under clear crackle glaze

    © ©

  18. From the album: Wynhill Pottery

    Earthenware with underglaze decoration under clear glaze. Designed for wall mounting.

    © ©

  19. Potter Maintaining Training

  20. Steve, Once you have fired too thin, will adding glaze and refiring be an option to revitalize the Ancient Jasper, or should one just move on from that pot? I have a couple of the "eggplant" colored variations. John Lowes Sandy Springs, GA
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