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  1. Good points all. The clay body is Highwater Clays Craggy Crunch. It is advertised as a cone 7-10 clay. I will have to evaluate which may be food ware and set them aside for a later firing. I got just a quick look yesterday as I packed them for the trip home. I know one is designed for use as a utensil holder, so isn't really food containing unless repurposed. You never know what the buyer will do with a pot once it's in their possession. Most of what I make are decorative pieces, and wouldn't be an issue. I do have two electric kilns in my studio with cone 10 capability, but I haven't
  2. At a recent group wood firing in an Anagama, the middle and back (front being nearer the fire) pots were fired cooler as the flow wasn't good past the front. The result was very dry surfaces, less glaze melt, and ash deposits that didn't melt fully. Several of my pots suffered these deficiencies. I won't have access to the Anagama until Spring 2018, so I am assessing whether refiring in an electric kiln to Cone 6 would help my situation. I would like to have these pots for sale in the upcoming holiday season, So...does anyone have experience they can share on how wood fired pots do in an elect
  3. I keep mine in the original boxes, and on one shelf dedicated to "0x" cones, and on the opposite wall another shelf for cone 1 and higher. I am making it harder to mess up as my memory changes, lol. John
  4. If cone 05 wasn't completely collapsed, then you did not get the firing temp required for Saturation gold. Does your kiln have a sitter for shut off? If it does you may have an 05, not 6, in the sitter shutting you off way early. Make sure you have a small cone 6 in the sitter and try it again. Best of luck on round 2. John
  5. So I got busy and made three sinks for a house I am renovating. This past week I loaded them up and bisque fired them. One of the three survived the bisque firing. The good thing is I know how to efficiently make two more. Must allow more drying time for 1/2 inch thick ware this time..

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Denice


      I need to make a couple of sinks someday. The ones in my bath are chipping. Denice

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      My friend made sinks and made a bowl to fire them in an upright position.

    4. JLowes


      I have new clay for the remake of two sinks, it's a nice architectural clay , very groggy. This time I will take more time to dry, and punch some relief holes inside the foot ring near the foot/bowl join to let the water out better.

  6. I take a Summer course in alternative firing and really like Coleman Porcelain for work that will be soda fired. You do have to cover it up as I find it grays out and looks dull without something on it. There is a local group studio near Atlanta that fires Coleman Porcelain to Cone 6, electric and gas. I never used the Coleman Porcelain for that cone, but I didn't hear any complaints when I asked about it at Cone 6. I preferred Standard 365 for Cone 6, so that was my go to. I do insist on porcelain with grolleg rather than the US domestic porcelain. I feel that it has a translucent, lu
  7. Centering means now I can get to the pulling, shaping, and that form I have in my mind. How well I centered directs how well these next steps go. For quite a while my centering was loosely centered; just enough to start working, and rarely centered well, and then only by grace of unknown forces. When it finally clicked in for me was maybe three years after starting and opened a world of possibilities with no more thick-thin, no more too wet clay to pull, and less slumping from overworked clay. Boy howdy, that was a day to remember! Robin Hopper gave me what I had been missing in a Ceram
  8. I am happy to be the potter I am, but i wouldn't mind be able to push a pencil around on the clay like Frank Boyden, or push the clay around like he and his friend Tom Coleman do. Both are inspirations, and I hope that some of their aesthetics creep into my work in a very covert way (I don't always make raku animals.) For sheer enjoyment of the clay and potters, Tony Clenell comes to mind, so a sprinkling of his spirit would be a nice addition. John
  9. JLowes

    Wynhill Pottery

    Work from Wynhill Pottery
  10. I am getting loaded up for a show Saturday and Sunday in Norcross, Georgia. Just me, my honey, a hundred, or so, other artists and 50,000 people.

    1. Min


      How did your sale go?

  11. So I have half of my inventory I hope to take to my first show of Spring is in the kiln bisque firing. About two thirds are new designs I hope will sell well.

    1. JLowes


      So, only one unsatisfactory pot in the whole load. A handle detached itself at the top join. It looks like someone forgot to score and slip...oops. Need to decide how to go...handle...no handle. All the raku destined pieces from the load are fired and turned out well.

  12. Play is developing an idea, a technique, or learning to use a new tool, or do something in another, or more efficient way. Work is when you apply those to a hundred pots. You still love the work, but the first can be a lot more fulfilling to me. Now for some it may be the reverse. John
  13. I am keeping up and with your advice watching for clues to help my art festival activities. I agree on the Hawaiian truck too, but fortunes can turn suddenly. I have been in the middle of the one street festivals for all except two shows. At one show I was on a side street next to the portable restrooms and across from the kid's play area...definitely not the best location. It soured my wife on this show forever, so we don't go back there; even to look. At my last show this year I was at an end of a one street, lined both side show. This particular show I was expecting to do exceptio
  14. I yield to the superior throwing skills of Neil. When I was beginning this fun trek I would have been amazed to use the low amounts in the chart. Now my bride will make me hammer things that weigh more than she thinks I am capable of, but maybe she hasn't seen this chart. John
  15. I believe this link will help you: http://www.lakesidepottery.com/HTML%20Text/Tips/amount-of-clay-per-pottery-ware.htm You should be able to select the text, copy and paste it to a text file, or maybe that PDF I attached will be downloadable. I think, but not certain, that there is something similar in a Robin Hopper book, Functional Pottery. It might even be the same chart. John Weights of Clay Needed for Thrown Pottery Ware Size Measurements.pdf Weights of Clay Needed for Thrown Pottery Ware Size Measurements.pdf
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