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    cone 10 gas fired, porcelain & white clay bodies....Black MountainClay from Aardavark!
    Trying to focus for a bit on Shino and Celadon glazes.

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  1. I am making a batch of porcelain slip to be used for decorating platter/bowls not with a bottle but rather using the side of my hand for "slooping".  I did not dry out the 25lb bag of clay before I cut apart chunks and soaked in water overnight.  I understand the deflocculating and then adding more dry clay.  My question is did I need to use dried clay before soaking overnight??

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      Hi BGregoire and welcome to the forum! You've posted your question in the Status Updates section, this section is more for just general comments about what people have going on at the moment. A better place to post your question would be in the Studio Operations and Making Work section here. Just click on the orange "Start new topic" tab and follow the prompts. Posts make in the forum sections like that are searchable and you'll likely get more replies than here.

      Quick answer to your question, dried clay slakes down easier than wet clay but just use a heavy duty drill with a paint mixing attachment and you should be able to get it mixed up. I'ld sieve the slip before using it.

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