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  1. Disclaimer - I am a total newbie. I have a Brent CXC pottery wheel and Skutt kiln (KM 1027-3) that I gifted myself last year but I am still just learning how to use them. I recently found a post from a year ago about making things using cremains. I have read all I can about adding cremains to glazes. I am also interested in trying to figure out if cremains can be used in place of bone ash for porcelain clay? PartingStone has created a proprietary product that add some sort of binder to cremains to create small stones. I have not been able to uncover what that binder or process of creating th
  2. Hi Rebecca, It's been a year since you posted about using your parent's cremains to make your own version of Parting Stones. I have been doing a lot of research myself and came across the Parting Stones site as well as the Lonité site for turning ashes into diamonds (and you thought Parting Stones was expensive?!) I have a Skutt Kiln that can fire to Cone 10, so I am considering the suggestion of using my mother's cremains in bone china. I have seen videos of people creating clay from wood ash and water alone. It's not fire though. Even though the composition of cremains would be differen
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